Spiritual coaching 1:1

Do you long to understand the difficult situations in your life? Do you want to live a life where you dare to be who you really are, with all that entails? Then, spiritual coaching is just for you.

I make all my methods available to you – coaching, clairvoyance, and therapy – and all your questions are welcome. 

In spiritual coaching, we work together with the things that may be difficult in your life. The things that stop your inner flow and hinder you from being yourself 100 % in life.

If you keep experiencing the same problems in life, let’s find out where the patterns originate and how you can solve the problems.

I help you stand up for yourself better, be more authentic, and experience greater flow.

Some of the topics we may cover:

You will gain greater peace of mind and be able to put the problems in your life into perspective. You will also get concrete tools to navigate in life.

During the session, I “tune in” to you. Your guides or spirit guides help me answer the questions you’d like answered. Deceased contact may occur. We agree in advance with you whether you want this contact. I do not talk about death, destruction, adultery, and deadly diseases.

What you get: 

Price: 2.800 DKK per session
Duration: 60 minutes.

Please send me an e-mail if you wish to book a personal spiritual coaching session with me.  

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