Do you dream of a better life
for your autistic child?

I know your pain!
And I know that life can be better
for you and your child.

The Three Tools To Success My Disabled Son Taught Me

Through my methods of practicing The Three Tools To Success My Disabled Son Taught Me, I can reassure you that life for you and your child is never going to be the same after we meet.

I have worked as a Family Therapist since 2000 with amazing results. I have helped autistic children, teenagers, and their families get a better life through my tools to personal growth and development.

My son Philip has taught me so many things without even noticing it. Many of these experiences and my knowledge as a family therapist have made him go from being completely blind and autistic, as well as having difficulties adapting to society to becoming a well-functioning and balanced child who can now see, read, and engage with others. 

I know the tools work
because I live and practice them every single day.

8 week live online program

The Masterclass for Parents is an 8 week live online program, which you can participate in from your home.

It’s a group class where you’ll meet like-minded people. Through theory, sharing of knowledge, clairvoyance, and therapy, you will discover how fast your current situation will change for the better.

In the Masterclass for Parents, you will get: 

Want to start on this journey?

The program is as following: 

Ditte Young | Author | Therapist | Clairvoyant

My background and experience

Ditte is a fantastic guide

We met Ditte for the first time in connection with our horse, as we needed help to understand and handle behavior better.

Ditte's knowledge, insight and big heart in this work was a unique inspiration and help - she was a mouthpiece for us in the journey towards a closer bond and greater understanding - she highlighted and clarified physical issues with great accuracy in both horse and humans - with solutions to get on well.

When we as a family later got into a serious life crisis, there was no doubt - we had to get hold of Ditte again…. Thus, we bought a course from Ditte - tailored to our family.

It's been completely life-changing

Through clairvoyance and conversation, Ditte has met us right where we were and in a very honest way shown us what was at stake - she has carefully held our hand when it was most difficult - and she has above all given us the keys to "turn the tide" - from a negative, downward spiral of disease and resistance - to joy, courage, power - and massive progress.

With Ditte's help, we have felt, experienced and understood the significance of energies. How what we think and broadcast - our story of ourselves and the world - unfolds in our lives. How we can take responsibility and actively change our lives - by focusing on all the good things in life - by listening sincerely, attentively and lovingly to ourselves and each other.

With Ditte's help, we have come out on the other side - entangled in fear and discouragement - we tackle life's challenges and themes with ever greater insight, calm and light.

It is an absolutely fantastic learning, and we notice the ripple effect day by day ...

Thank you Ditte - thank you for all that you have given us, thank you for coming into our lives - thank you for being there, thank you for you.

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