Masterclass for parents:
What will your child do without you?

I know the pain and know that there is a better life ahead for you and your child.

I also know that you are the key to your child's well-being.

It takes time, dedication, tears, and persistence to create new and healthier patterns for you as a family.

If you have the courage to embark on this journey with me and other like-minded parents, come along to the Masterclass for Parents, which starts on 7 August 2024.

6 week live online program ๐Ÿ”ด

Masterclass for Parents is a six-week live online program that you can participate in from your living room. It is a group course where you meet other parents who recognize many of your family’s problems in everyday life.

You will get tools to improve your current situation through theory, knowledge sharing, and therapy.

You learn to communicate with your child, even if the child is non-verbal or has difficulty expressing himself.

In other words, six weeks will change your life for the better!

In this course, you will get:

Want to start on this journey?

The modules are:

All classes from 7-9 pm CEST

Ditte Young | Author | Therapist | Clairvoyant

My background and experience

It was worth its weight in goldย 

Ditte helped me understand how my child, who refuses to go to school, experiences the world.

With Ditte's abilities, she can feel and translate the feelings that my child cannot put into words himself.

As a parent, it gave me tools for how to best support her in the further investigation process. She was met and understood in the session by Ditte without her having to use words; just that was worth its weight in gold.


Completely life-changingย 

Ditte's knowledge, insight, and big heart in this work were a unique inspiration and help - she was a mouthpiece for us in the journey towards a closer bond and greater understanding - she highlighted and clarified physical issues with great accuracy in both horse and human - with solutions to get on well.

When we as a family later got into a severe life crisis, there was no doubt - we had to get hold of Ditte againโ€ฆ. Thus, we bought a course from Ditte - tailored to
our family.ย 

Through clairvoyance and conversation, Ditte has met us right where we were and, in a very honest way, showed us what was at stake - she had carefully held our hand when it was most challenging - and she has, above all, given us the keys to "turn the tide" - from a negative, downward spiral of disease and resistance - to joy, courage, power - and massive progress.

With Ditte's help, we have felt, experienced, and understood the significance of energies. How what we think and broadcast - our story of ourselves and the world - unfolds in our lives.

How we can take responsibility and actively change our lives - by focusing on all the good things in life - by listening sincerely, attentively, and lovingly to ourselves and each other.ย 

With Ditte's help, we have come out on the other side - entangled in fear and discouragement - we tackle life's challenges and themes with ever greater insight, calm and light.

It is a fantastic learning experience, and we notice the ripple effect day by day ...

Thank you, Ditte - thank you for all that you have given us, for coming into our lives - thank you for being there, thank you for you.


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