A different workshop with animal behaviour therapist and telepathist, Ditte Young and trainer, acupuncturist and physiotherapist Claus Toftgaard, who share their experiences and inputs from their work with horses.

This workshop is for horse owners and riders, who are curious to find out what their horse thinks; what it is like being your horse? Do you have a good feel for your horse? If you would like to find out, if your horse senses your energy in both body and mind, this fun event will be perfect for you.

Hear more about: 

  • How does a telepathy with a horse take place?
  • What is generally on a horse’s mind?
  • How are horses different and what do they need?
  • How do you read a horse’s signals?

Get an insight into the challenges that may arise during a training

  • How do you affect the horse via your body signals?
  • How can you give the horse the correct information?
  • Why do tensions often start in the same area on the horse?
  • Why does the horse get upset, when the saddle is put on?

The workshop will be a fun filled session of exciting inputs and exercises. We will do a demo-equipage, where we both cooperate with the horse – based on its thoughts and what the body is telling us.