Understanding your horse

How do you get a better understanding and communication between you and your horse in the everyday work, the fun times and at showjumping? Experience an interesting clinic and learn much more about your horse with Ditte Young. EquiCoach and animal telepathist Ditte Young is recognised in both Denmark and abroad for her telepathical skills and visible results. Amongst others, Ditte Young is the coach behind the TV and sound training with Cathrine Dufour and Cassidy prior to the win of the Danish Championship and subsequently her success at the Olympics finishing as number 13th.
At this exclusive clinic, you can meet Ditte Young and also try telepathy on your horse. 

The participants will get an insight into the following topics: 

  • What is telepathy?
  • How do you do a telepathy with your horse?
  • A horse’s different personalities
  • Being in a partnership with your horse
  • A live demo by Ditte Young of a telepathy with a horse based at the location of the clinic
  • Exercises
  • What’s your horse thinking?

* Every participant is advised to bring a picture of their horse 

For more information, please contact Ditte

See you in heaven 

Ditte Young is one of Denmark’s most known animal telepathists. She works with dogs, cats and horses and helps animal owners figuring out any behavioural issues with the animals. But she also helps them, when it’s time to say goodbye to their animals or get in touch with them, once they have been put down. 

She shares what may be on the other side for the animals in her lecture “I’ll see you in heaven”, which takes place all around the country.  

During the lecture, she will go through her own experiences regarding telepathies with deceased animals and touch upon what happens with them, when they reach heaven; for instance what’s their heaven like? During the lecture, she will also demonstrate a telepathy by making contact to one of the audience member’s animal. Therefore, please bring a picture, if you would like to have a chance to be the one, who is chosen for the telepathy. The animal doesn’t have to be deceased.

For more information, please contact Ditte

Life after death

– with Sebbastian Lorantius 

Experience a live demo with humans and animals by Ditte Young and Sebbastian Lorantius, when they join forces and help communicating messages from the other side. 

The lecture begins with a bit of theory and knowledge about the universe and afterwards, they will both perform live demos. With Sebbastian, you’ll have the possibility to get in contact with a deceased person and Ditte can communicate with a deceased or living animal.

Remember to bring a picture of your animal, if you want to be amongst those that get in touch with your animal.

For more information, please contact Ditte

What’s the horse whispering?

What’s the horse whispering? How can it be possible? Are horses more spiritual animals than others? 
Experience an exciting lecture and learn more about how the horses are interacting with us on a personal and spiritual level with Ditte Young.  

Ditte Young is acknowledged at home and abroad for her telepathical and clairvoyant skills and not to mention her visible results. She has amongst others helped riders such as; Per Sandgaard, Bo Høstrup, Cathrine Dufour, Caroline Poulsen, Anna Zibrandtsen, Thomas Sandgaard, Ellen Birgitte Farbrot, Hannes Melin, Mikaela Lindh, Carina Cassøe Krüth and many more. 

It’s possible to meet Ditte Young and experience how she communicate with a horse and receives spiritual advice for the owner and rider. 

The participants will get an insight into the following points: 

  • Why are horses spiritual and how is this expressed?
  • Evidence of telepathical abilities
  • Personal and spiritual development for horses and riders
  • The partnership relation “The Connected” and the personality profile; “The Master”
  • A live demo by Ditte Young and a chosen horse.
For more information, please contact Ditte