When I visit you and your animal, “I tune in” on the animal by closing my eyes. When I open them again, I start talking, and I’m now in contact with your animal. I don’t require any information from you in order to be able to communicate with your animal.

You may find that your animal gets tired, starts yawning or falls asleep during our session. The advantage of me being physically present is that you are able to see how your animal reacts. Perhaps you will even see changes in its behaviour immediately or be able to test them with me during the session; for example, if the horse is scared of clippers or won’t willingly be loaded into a trailer.

Another advantage is that you get the opportunity to ask questions during the session and thus interfere with the communication. You can consider me as an interpreter between you and your animal.

During a session, I will touch upon the following topics:

  • The animal’s personality
  • Relationship with the owner/rider/a previous owner/trainer etc.
  • The animal’s own perception of its resources and challenges
  • The hierarchical setup in your relation and leadership
  • The animal’s health (I’m not a veterinarian. Based on what the animal is telling me, I can give you an indication of possible injuries, that has affected the animal and that you must be aware of. Animals can also show me how the injuries are occurring and thereby, you’ll get clarity on whether your animal is obedient or if there is a health-related reason for a given behaviour.)
  • Behavioural issues and specific tools to solve them

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


A session with an animal takes approx. 60 minutes. The price is DKK 3.000 incl. VAT per animal.
If the session involves four animals at the same location, I offer a discount.
If I am physically present with the owner and animal, the price is subject to the state km. tariff,
which will be added to the price + mileage. If the client is based in Funen or Jutland, the price will be agreed over the phone.
* In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.


Telepathy with animal

“With a background in mediumship/clairvoyance and an education as HEILPRAKTIKER non-medical practitioner?? (German, LÆGEEKSAMINERET herbal physician) in the Spring of 2018, I signed up for Ditte Young’s education “Telepathy with animals”. 

It’s one of the best decisions of my life. Straight from the start, Ditte encourages every student to have successful experiences through practical exercises in clairvoyance and telepathy. The positive results boost the confidence of the team in general. 

With her natural and able approach to the content, Ditte manages to boil down very complicated and existential problems to easy to learn topics for everyone in the class and these can be integrated in the exercises and theory of the future lessons.

Ditte inspires confidence. With her clairvoyant and psychotherapeutic background, she makes each student feel comfortable. She listens and supports everyone of us.

She makes sure to follow the schedules punctually and exactly according to the plan and respects the time constraints – without anyone getting lost or losing the spark.

The energies are amazing and even if I feel tired after the busy schedule, I’m still “on a high” a few days after. 

After the end of the course, I look forward to practice, because I know that Ditte Young will be supporting me and my fellow students, because the sense of community is so strong.

I can highly recommend her.”

CHARLOTTE / Telepathy with animal