Online sessions

You have the opportunity to sit face to face with Ditte Young via Facetime or Zoom to either receive a clairvoyant reading for yourself or, if you wish, a telepathy with your animal.

All I need is:

  • The animal’s name
  • The animal’s gender
  • A picture of your animal (your animal needs to be alone in the picture and in full figure, preferably in profile. I have to be able to see the body, head and its eyes, because the eyes are my gateway to the communication. The animal can’t have red eyes in the picture)
  • The names of the key people close to the animal such as the owner, rider, trainer etc.

An online session takes approx. 1 hour. You can ask any question during that time.

When you receive help for your animal, it’s possible that the animal becomes tired and starts yawning during the session. It may even go to sleep during the session.

Just know that I’m in full contact no matter the reaction of the animal.

During a telepathy session, I will touch upon the following topics:

  • The animal’s personality
  • Relationship with the owner/rider/a previous owner/trainer etc. (I need their first names)
  • The animal’s own perception of its resources and challenges
  • Your relation, the hierarchical setup and leadership
  • The animal’s health (I’m not a veterinarian. Based on what the animal is telling me, I can give you an indication of possible injuries, that has affected the animal and that you must be aware of. Animals can also show me how the injuries are occurring and thereby, you will get clarity on whether your animal is obedient or if there is a health related reason for a given behaviour.)
  • Behavioural issues (for this part, I need to know what kind of issues you, as the owner, are experiencing in order to send a tangible image to the animal of what it needs to change and why it behaves this way.)

The benefit of an online session is that you will get the feeling that we’re in the same room. You can ask any questions that may arise during the session. Also, this is the cheapest session for you if you don’t live on Zealand where I live. 

An online session takes approx. 60 minutes and takes place via Zoom or Facetime.

Price: DKK 2.175 kr. incl. VAT per animal or clairvoyance.

In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.

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