Thereby, this kind of CST is also called biodynamic. Cranio sacral therapy is based on the assumption that in the body, there’s a rhythm called the cranio sacral pulse, where the brain fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) is pumped through the body near the brain and spinal cord. 

It’s this pulse that you’re working with during the treatment.

The cranio sacral system consists of

  • The bones in the cranium, spinal cord and sacrum
  • The membranes that keep the brain in place in relation to the bones
  • The brain fluid that circles around the brain (cerebrospinal fluid)

You use CST, when you want to release tensions and congestions in the cranio sacral pulse and the nerve system and this treatment makes the energy move more freely. The positive effect of a CST treatment is that it releases tensions in the joints between the bones, eases the tensions in the strong membranes that keep the brain in place and improves the circulation of both the brain fluid and the blood.

You can amongst others use CST, when the horse:

  • Is tense over the back
  • Has tensions in the neck, cranium and jaw joint
  • Is locked in the lower back
  • Has issues with the stomach/bowel
  • Is sore in joints and muscles
  • Seems to be skew in the back or legs
  • Has a skew tongue-bone
  • Seems confused and stressed out
  • Has experienced shock or trauma


A session is approx. 60 minutes and the price are from DKK 1,850.
If I’m physically present with the owner and the animal, the state’s rate per kilometre + mileage will be added to the price.

If the client is based in Funen or Jutland, the price will be agreed over the phone.
* In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.