Cranio sacral therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy is a very gentle treatment that helps the horse straighten up and relax on the basis of its own resources without any manipulation and with the purpose of self-healing.

CST is combined with healing which is an amazing treatment for animals, who are either injured, uneasy or have shock traumas and need to calm down the nervous system.

This kind of CST is also called biodynamic. Cranio sacral therapy is based on the assumption that in the body, there’s a rhythm called the cranio sacral pulse, where the brain fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) is pumped through the body near the brain and spinal cord. 

It’s this pulse that you’re working with during the treatment.

The cranio sacral system consists of

You use CST, when you want to release tensions and congestions in the cranio sacral pulse and the nerve system and this treatment makes the energy move more freely. The positive effect of a CST treatment is that it releases tensions in the joints between the bones, eases the tensions in the strong membranes that keep the brain in place and improves the circulation of both the brain fluid and the blood.


You can amongst others use CST, when the horse:

The treatment is combined with Healing

As a healer, I will act as a channel and send light and love through to your animal. I will cleanse its chakras and send the light to where I sense your animal needs it.

During a healing, I’m keeping my hands a couple of centimetres from the animal or I will gently touch the skin.

Through healing you can heal the nervous system in relation to shock/traumas, the body and mind and through this gain:

The price for a session of approx. 60 minutes is DKK 2.000 per animal, incl. VAT.

For dogs, the session takes place in my clinic in Lyngby.

If there are 4 horses in the same location, prices start at DKK 14.000 incl. VAT and mileage.

If your are based on Funen or Jutland, the price will be agreed over the phone.

In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.

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