I meet more and more people, who want to have a better connection and cohesion with their animals. It can be a rider, who doesn’t feel a great attachment to his/her horse or a dog owner, who’s unsure, if he/she can handle the task of having a dog.
If you select this package, you have a desire to understand what it is within yourself that makes your animal react. It can be the signals you send out, emotions, thoughts etc.
The course consists of three sessions, where I will be physically present with you and your animal.

Session 1: I communicate with your animal and together we will find the cause of its behavioural issues or interaction with you. I will advise what tools or changes are needed in your interaction with your animal. You will be able to understand your animal’s needs and desires and how to comply with th em.

Session 2: I will coach you with the goal of obtaining harmony, joy and a balance within yourself, which will reflect onto your animal in a positive way. After this session, you should experience a slight positive change in your relationship.

Session 3: After a few weeks, I will follow up on the development between you and your animal through telepathy and coaching. If there are any changes or you need further tools, we will discuss it in the this session. At this stage, there should be a considerable change in the relationship and together you will have a common platform to grow from. 

The most common problems:

  • Your horse works against you; it could be bowing, lack of movement or it doesn’t sense your signals
  • Your horse seems depressed or aggressive
  • Your dog suffers from separation anxiety
  • Your dog doesn’t obey your calling even though you’ve attended dog training
  • Your cat doesn’t want to cuddle
  • Your cat often runs away

I am a trained psychotherapist and during these three sessions, I use coaching techniques mixed with telepathy. 


Three sessions of each approx. 60 minutes.
The price for one hour is from DKK 7.500 incl. VAT excl. mileage.
* In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.