I communicate with animals; either by being physically present or I can “tune in” on them by having its name and a picture of the animal. This is also called telepathy through a picture. I work as a translator between the animal and its owner. Communicating with animals is through telepathy, where we exchange sentences and images. I have learned that some animals are very spiritually gifted and have a great psychological understanding of themselves, other animals as well as human beings. But it’s not always the case that their owners sense their signals or understand them. It’s difficult to know the difference between a disobedient animal and one that’s in pain resulting in an inappropriate behaviour.

The most lucid way that animals can communicate to humans that something is wrong or they are dissatisfied is by protesting in order to make them be seen and heard; just like children.

Protests can be expressed as follows:

  • Horses kicking out after their owners, bowing or bucking, don’t want to be loaded into a trailer, stops two metres before a jump, crib biting etc.
  • Dogs barking wildly
  • Cats peeing on the couch
  • Dogs biding in the wall paper, barks continuously or attacking others
  • A cat that keeps running away from home, doesn’t use the litter box, suffers from anxiety

If the owners are aware of their animal’s personality, they will be able to recognise the habits, likes and dislikes, which is information I’m often receiving from the animal. During a session, the owner learns how the animal sees itself, the personality, relationship with the owner/rider, its resources or challenges, diet requirements, any health problems it may have or has suffered from and how these are reflected in its behaviour. Finally, we examine behavioural changes in case the owner wishes to change certain aspects of the animal’s behaviour. 

The session may include messages, that the owner isn’t aware of; for instance how previous owners have treated the animal. This information can be helpful in order to determine, if these relationships may have caused any problems for the animal. Animals are as diverse as human beings and therefore each session is different. The purpose of communicating with animals is to help the owner understand the animal’s personality and thereby improve the cooperation between the owner and the animal. 

Some owners want to understand the animal’s bad habits or inappropriate behaviour. 

If you’re experiencing a major behavioural problem, please go to the section; Behavioural issues package.

I can also make contact with dead animals, if requested. This is often used in cases, where the owner is left with the feeling of not having said a proper goodbye.


A session is approx. 60 minutes. The price is DKK 3.000 per animal incl. VAT, excl. milage.
If the client is based in Funen or Jutland, the price will be agreed over the phone.
* In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.