Animals don’t have a verbal language and therefore can’t “speak”. However, they can send an energy that humans can understand – if we listen and stay quiet within. Telepathy with animals is nonverbal communication.

An intensive 1:1 therapeutic and telepathic coaching course with me. During 10 modules, you’ll obtain the partnership you wish for with your animal – which will last for the rest of your life. 

Through Equicoaching you can improve the partnership with your horse by understanding it on the mental and physical level. You will gain a mutual understanding, more joy and respect. 

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

The Ditte Young Animal Communicator Education is aimed at you who: 

The education

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Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

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Place your paw in mine

For thousands of years it has been known that dogs are man’s best friend.

It was the first domestic animal to be tamed by humans, and is therefore also the animal with which we have the longest history in common.

Today, dogs have become our soul partners, our family members, and a best friend we can always lean on.

For many people, their dog replaces either a child, a spouse or a cohabitant. We live a life with many options and choose our lives to a far greater degree than ever before, yet many of us still choose to have a dog. 

The dog gets top priority, and for some dog owners it gets a much higher priority than other people in their lives or even themselves.

It’s ‘easier’ to be with your dog than to relate to other people. Because the dog is so pure in its love for you as a dog owner.

This book aims to inspire dog owners and help them understand their dog on an even deeper level – through a journey where most aspects of the dog are highlighted. This will help you as a dog owner understand your dog and also understand what it is like to be your dog in the inner and outer world it shares with you. This book gives you an even greater opportunity to develop together.

The author and the two co-authors review the topics that they find most important when having a dog. The book covers everything from the dog’s anatomical structure, and what it was originally bred for, to its many forms of communication, and what a dog can withstand in training.

To create the best life for your dog, the book also covers topics such as: How are you in partnership with your dog, how to train ‘in the bubble’ and you will also be introduced to the understanding of dogs’ personality profiles and behaviors. This is fundamental to achieve a greater connectedness between the dog and its owner.

The book provides concrete tools that you can use right away. Tools that give you greater empathy, better performance, a ‘durable’ best friend on four legs, and an understanding of your dog as well as you and your dog together.

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

Understanding your horse

A book by EquiCoach Ditte Young – filled with experiences and great advice for all horse owners and riders. The book is based on Ditte Young’s many years of experience and work with horses and riders, anything from skovtursryttere to elite riders, who have won the Danish, European and the World Championship and participated at the Olympics.

Most people, who are dealing with horses, have had the thought; “I wonder what my horse is thinking? Is it cheeky or could it be sick?” In the book, you’ll find detailed descriptions of the behavioural issues that you may experience with your horse as well as situations where you may doubt, why your horse is reacting, the way it is.

Based on sensitivities, experiences and therapeutic advice you will get specific tools to solve many behavioural issues regarding your horse. You will also get a better insight into the reasons for your horse’s behaviour – either when it’s in flock or amongst us humans and during jumps, trot, dressage and much more.

The book also lists the descriptions of Ditte Young’s six personality profiles of the horses, and why she personalise them in order to give a better understanding of what each horse needs.

As something new, you can read about the relation building, when you’re an equipage and receive great advice on how you obtain a strong cooperation with your horse – whether you’re a young pony tider, senior rider at a high level or love to be with your horse in liberty.

“Understanding your horse” is filled with case stories from Ditte Young’s work with some of Scandinavia’s most acknowledged elite riders leading up to the big competitions such as Danish Championship and the Olympics, where she describes the personality profile of each horse and give explanations to why the horses reacted the way they did. Amongst the elite riders are the riders of the Danish national team; Cathrine Dufour and Thomas Sandgaard as well as the rider of the Norwegian national team, Ellen Birgitte Farbrot.

The purpose of the book is to create a greater understanding of the horse’s creature and also give useful and tangible tools to a better welfare for the horses. The book is written to honour the many horses that are available to their humans every single day.

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

What’s the horse whispering?

What’s the horse whispering” is about what role the horses are playing in the personal and spiritual development of the human being.

Many years ago animal telepathist, therapist and clairvoyant, Ditte Young was told that some day she would connect heaven and earth. She didn’t know how this would be possible. In her work with horses, she began to understand the development, that riders go through with their horse on their journey together. A journey where two souls meet and mirror each other through the good and bad times.

It can be hurtful and worrisome, but also filled with laughter, unity and love. Therefore, it makes all the hard work worth it. You can experience the now and purpose of life, if you listen to what your horse is whispering.

“What’s the horse whispering” is about the role, the horses are playing in the personal and spiritual development of human beings and how it’s possible to communicate without using a language.   

You will also be read about what happens with horses during a termination, reincarnation and the soul’s journey towards the eternal life. You can learn about evidence and the resistance that Ditte Young met along the way in an unknown territory, but over the years, she gained a profound knowledge. In Ditte Young’s work with the horses, she’s fighting for you as a rider to trust what you feel, because that is your truth.

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant