How are you in relation with your horse?

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

The Dominating (horse) & The Downtrodden (rider):
In this relation, your horse has taken over the control and some riders are even afraid of their horse. You may doubt whether or not your horse respects you. 

Your horse may bite at you, bukke dig af, run out of the ridehuset or be very uneasy in the staldgang. You as a rider may have difficulties gaining control and fall short – both in the relation with your horse and during the training.
As a rider, you’re upset and close to giving up, but since you love your horse more than anything, you’ll keep going. 

The Teacher (horse) & The Student (rider):
Your horse is often further in its education than you are in your training.
It can either seem stubborn and you can interpret it as it’s trying to konfliktride with you.
You can also have a horse, that’s completely available and helps you become a better rider with its love, inclusiveness and patience. You know that there isn’t anything your horse wouldn’t do for you. 

The Child (horse) & The Protector (rider):
Your horse will be in the category “The Kid” or “The Sensitive” and it can either play somewhat too rough and get injured or it has a sensitive body that makes it “break easily”. 

You’re always worried for its well-being and in many ways you seem “overprotective”.
You’re the one, who understands your horse the best and at the same time need to give space and listen to others’ advice, if you can take them in. 

The Star (horse) & The Overachiever (rider):
Your horse is devise and amazing. It’s suited for competitions and you sense that it loves to train and be shown to the world. As a rider, you have ambitions and is a perfectionist. You know that your finest task is to find the balance between having a ridehest and at the same time constantly motivating it by understanding its mind. 

The Connected:
You sense your horse only sees you as “we”. 

You feel it, you breathe together, both from the ground and while being on it. You know what it thinks and it understands your signals without you even showing det med dit sæde or your schenkler.
You know, you’ll never get a horse like this again and you guard it with our life. 

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Ditte Young