You can’t succeed with your horse

Ditte Young | Author | Animal communicator | Clairvoyant

It’s my experience that horses rarely have resistance against working, if it includes a good and light energy together with a leadership and a great portion of love. 

These are also the parameters that makes riding the most difficult discipline of them all in the world of sports. How do you get two souls – you and your horse – to become one no matter the discipline? It could be dressage, military, jump, hunting, travsporten, western, galopbanen, polo and much more.

I mostly deal with behavioural issues with a horse. What’s funny is that it’s actually rarely the horse that has a behavioural issue. 

If it feels insecure, it will react as per its nature.

It can run, freeze or fight you. 

In these incidents, I often hear things like:
– My horse is cheeky
– My horse refuses the jump
– My horse konfliktrider with me

Your horse may be unsure of itself both mentally and psychically, the field and the exercise. This can be caused by many reasons, depending on its past and the present with you.That’s why I don’t think it can work getting a horse through a discipline solely based on the will. Maybe the first and second time. But once your horse is showing signs of not wanting to do specific things, it will get through with its message one way or another. In most cases, I experience that many horses are given up on or sold, because they are “disappointing, irritating and cheeky” and much more. 

I really wish for everyone to understand the horse’s nature and its thought patterns. It’s my experience that horses will always cooperate, once they are socialised. There’s no evil in them. It may seem cruel to you, if you choose to take it personally. Instead, I hope you’ll choose to understand your horse, because if you’re one of them, who experience a behavioural issue, know that there’s always a solution; one based on a mutual understanding of each other.  

In my book; “Understanding your horse” you can read more about the more common behavioural issues, I’m working with and the explanation to these. You can buy it here:

Ditte Young