All areas of the world of elite sports share one very remarkable factor; a high concentration of individualists each with their own unique journey towards the podium.
The one thing that makes horse riding perhaps the most difficult sport in the world is the joining of two individualists and “ego’s” to create a united equipage by using the body language as the way of communicating.
A beautiful, harmonious and flawless ride is about making the mental and physical connection between horse and rider as invisible as possible no matter the discipline.

Most people with an interest in horses have witnessed, when riding resembles martial art, which often results in a justified criticism of the sport in general. On the other hand, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy watching an equipage that is graceful and unified.

My focus is the well-being of the horses and with my capabilities as an EquiCoach, I can expose the horse’s mental and physical challenges and individual needs. By doing so, I can help the team as well as the rider to meet these needs, which will improve and motivate the horse.

The goal is an improved cooperation between the horse and rider and possibly better results based on a mutual understanding, respect and the pleasure of working together.

What you gain from EquiCoaching:

  • A greater understanding of your horse’s mental and physical state
  • More focus on the horse’s well-being knowing that the horse is considered equal to the rider and is given the best settings to perform to the max in often stressful situations
  • Help to realise and understand the so far unknown factors before and during the ride to ensure a focused and unified ride
  • The ability to help the horse becoming a better and happier athlete through this contact and connection


Three sessions of each approx 60 minutes.
The price for the whole package is from DKK 9,000 incl. VAT excl. milage.
You can also buy a voucher for 10 or 20 sessions and get a discount.
Please get in touch, as the price will depend on your location.
* In case of cancellations within a week, you will be charged a cancellation fee of DKK 500.