I believe that everyone is able to communicate with animals and I experience a growing interest in learning this.
Most pet owners have a really good sense of their animals personalities and what they enjoy or dislike.

Communicating with animals are via telepathy, where we exchange sentences and send pictures to each other.

Telepathy may be difficult to comprehend, but it is my belief that we all have the ability – and we know that most animals communicate telepathically.
Humans have simply become accustomed to relying on verbal communication and we relate solely to the things we can hear, smell, taste, see or feel.

Animals sense far more than humans and they sense danger from miles away.
Telepathy from humans to animals can be seen every day when, for example. dogs are waiting for their owners outside the front door before the owners are even home getting through the door.

Another example culd be a horse that stands and trample the stables 20 minutes before thei owner come to them.

Animals can sense when we send thoughts to them and by attending these courses, I try teaching you how you can feel your animals thoughts back to you.
The purpose of communicating with animals is getting the owner to understand the animals personalities changing bad habits of the animal, eg.:

  • A cat running away from home
  • A dog peeing on the carpet
  • An animal that has a hard time to associate socially with other animals
  • Suffers from anxiety
  • A horse that will not go up in a trailer

Learning telepathy will give you greater understanding of your animals and other animals you are in contact with.

Location: Østbanegade 7, Kld, Tv, 2100 København Ø
Price: Price: 2.000 DKK per participant per module
Betingelser: Du binder dig for alle fem moduler, da det er et uddannelsesforløb
Time: 10 AM – 4:30 PM

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