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Ditte Young

I am a certified psychotherapist from The Academy of Psychotherapy. The Academy of Psychotherapy has been evaluated and approved based on quality criteria established by the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Interior and Health Ministry and Ministry of Education. Apart from my education as a psychotherapist, I graduated as a clairvoyant in 2005. I learned how to master this skill as well as working with telepathy.
I am passionate about helping people and animals and I love working with therapy, clairvoyance and telepathy. It is great seeing people develop, and I enjoy experiencing the many positive behavioral changes in animals. Even though it is different working methods, they have much in common and I am grateful to be able to combine both areas.
Furthermore, I run my own consultancy company; D-evelopment, primarily dealing with conflict management, stress management and coaching companies. I have a professional background in companies such as TV News on DR, Telia A / S, Tradedoubler A /S, Uptown Radio as a booker / planner, etc.

It is great seeing people developing, and I enjoy experiencing
the many positive behavioral changes in animals.

Statements from clients

I have a showjumping horse and we had a problem with a particular type of barriers that scared him. I contacted Ditte, and we booked a conversation between Grålle and her. I emailed two photos of the Grålle and described the problem.
The weekend after the session, we were at the race again. His nervousness and fear of the obstacles were gone. After the competition, I read an email with the communication between Grålle and Ditte. It was amongst other things an agreement with Grålle, which mentioned his fear and he promised that he would be smart and make me happy. And he really does!

CLARA LUNDGREN – Sweden Mail telepathy with the horse Grålle

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ditte and experience a telepathy session between her and our daughter’s pony. It was an amazing and fun experience. The pony, Füni, told us so many things and Ditte solved some of the challenges on the spot. For instance, the pony avoided a certain area in the indoor arena and 15 minutes after Ditte left, he didn’t have any problems walking around, and we haven’t experienced the problem since. Now we know how he thinks and feels and it’s our job to continue working on this process the best way we can. At the end of the session, we were not just two people and a pony, but three equal souls. Thank you so much and we recommend you and your work.

METTE & THERESE ANKERSTRØM STOUGAARD – Gørløse Telepathy with the horse Füni

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We have a four-year old son, who is brain-damaged and diagnosed with autism. He is not able to talk, so we decided to contact Ditte, who was able to help us understand him via telepathy. We were very surprised by Ditte’s skills and her ability to be so accurate without even knowing him. We could recognize the things she told us, and we were truly convinced, when she told us things she couldn’t have known prior to the session. It was a life changing experience and we do not doubt that telepathy works, because it does! We are especially astonished and happy that through Ditte, our son could tell us how we specifically could help him in difficult situations. We all benefit from this information every day. We have also informed the kinder garden, and given them the tools to understand our son better. This is certainly not the last time we’ll book Ditte and get help via telepathy.
A big and warm THANK YOU, Ditte Young.

GRY BERTELSEN – Gørlev Telepathy with the son

Dear Ditte. Thank you so much for a great and professional day. I have taken a lot of alternative courses and I must say; you are fantastic! I have the deepest respect for you, for the inclusiveness, caring and love you show all of your students and for being so positive. It was amazing to see that all the participants learned telepathy through your guidance and everybody had the ability and skills. I look forward to the next class.

TINA SPENDLER – Slangerup Student in the course Communication with animals

A behavioral change in my horse made me call Ditte. Not because I believed that she could talk to animals, but I had no other means to draw on. My only interest was solely that the problem would get solved. Ditte arrived to the stable and she was neither a lady with a voodoo doll in her hand, or a magician with top hat. She was just an ordinary girl, with a good sense of humor and a big smile on her face.
Ditte stood outside the box door and looked at my horse, and began telling me things that my horse wanted me to know.
She gave me a lot of information that I wouldn’t have been without and details that only I could know. I was convinced! I was amazed by the things that could be accomplished and done for me and my horse, reasonably simple. After an hour, I had the answers to my questions and the problem was solved. It was something I never had thought was possible – but it is!

After Ditte visited my horse and I, I was fascinated by the idea of being able to communicate with my animals. So I signed up to the course “Communication with animals”. However, I was skeptic about talking to animals. But I showed up.
I was very surprised how we reasonably quickly, we got thrown into it. But it was not that difficult, once we learned the technique. We got help and we could ask as many questions as needed. I never thought it would be possible to learn how to talk to an animal in six hours, but I did it. I still do not understand how it could be done, but the main thing for me was that I knew I could do it, and if I can learn it, so can everyone else, who shares the same interest. I can guarantee that you can’t be without it!

ANN WINTHER – Holte Rideklub, Telepati med hesten Lido & kursus i kommunikation med dyr

I’ve tried clairvoyance twice before, but nothing compares to the things Ditte is able to do. She has some very special skills and she is able to communicate them in a pleasant way. I had no expectations, before we started the session, but I just had a strong feeling that I should have a clairvoyant session with Ditte. Many things have happened in my life the past year and I was a bit confused about whether I was on the right path. I was able to make use of all the things I was told through Ditte and it has given me an incredibly missed and much needed peace of mind. It was confirmed that I’m on the right track and I cannot actually remember the last time I felt so relieved and confident. We touched upon some difficult subjects, and I am especially pleased about the prospect that one day I will have contact with a close family member again. Ditte completely hit the spot with who that person is. This gave me a great peace of mind. The funny thing is that most of the things she told me, I kind of already knew the answers to, but Ditte also confirmed that my intuition works – which is just amazing. I will now take it easy and remember to enjoy the journey as well as the challenges in front of me. Go for a walk, spend time with my friends and music will be a bigger part of my life from now on.
I am so happy – thank you!

NINA NIELSEN – København Personal clairvoyance

Pippi is an eight year old horse. She is a very sensitive horse with good qualities and much potential.
After a period with lots of training, we felt we were ready for the competitions. However, the transportation back and forth and a lot of expectations went into the sink. Pippi changed. This sudden change in behavior happened overnight – it was like riding another horse. I could tell myself that something must have happened and that Pippi might be hurting somewhere. So we contacted the vet, and luckily our young, but very talented vet quickly found the cause. The diagnosis was gastric ulcer, and the treatment was immediately begun.
At this point, we contacted Ditte, as we wanted to get to the root of the problems with Pippi’s stress, which caused this ulcer. I live in Germany and therefore it had to be mail telepathy through a picture. I sent Ditte some questions, that I wanted answers to, such as;
– What gives her the ulcer?
– Will Pippi “go all the way” in dressage?
– Has she hurt any of her legs?
Most of the questions were formulated in a way, so they didn’t reveal anything and I knew the answers to many of them, but no one but my closest knew about them.
Before Ditte’s conversation with Pippi, I did not believe that it was possible to telepathies through a photo. But my attitude changed completely.
Ditte starts with small things like: “Hi Pippi, I say. Hello, she says curiously and puts her whole face up against mine.”
This is the way Pippi usually greets me. There were so many small things that described Pippi’s behavior, and I recognized these features. The thing, that convinced me 100% in the conversation between Pippi and Ditte was the following;
– Pippi describes herself as a model on a catwalk. Pippi is an extremely well-moved gait horse that indeed walks like a model on a catwalk.
– Pippi describes herself as a very sensitive horse and how easily influenced she is by her rider. I recognize this 100%.
– Pippi also describes me as being too ambitious, which I always try to control.
Ditte tells me that Pippi says she sometimes and I quote,”I sometimes have some challenges in changing in the canter with the left, but I am so fast and quick-thinking, that I sometimes just choke in the sequence“ says Pippi and laughs.” I have always blamed my own left leg as the reason for the flying changes not being as good on the left as they are on the right. How could Ditte know that the flying changes to the left aren’t as good as on the right? Pippi also tells Ditte that she is very aware of what she eats, and she takes her time to eat, which I also fully recognize. Ditte then asks Pippi if she has hurt any of her legs. Pippi responds: “They don’t hurt, but my left leg can bother me now and then.” This was one of the things, I suspected. When I bought her, she had a “minor” annotation in the left hind leg. Nobody knew anything about the annotation, other than my immediate family, the person who sold Pippi to me, German veterinarians and of course Pippi.
I also got answers to the questions regarding the ulcer. I could go on to telling about all the things that were true. Riding is much better for us now and I’ll make room in my calendar for Ditte’s courses, for now that my horse understands everything I say, I would like to learn how to hear its responses.

ANNA ZIBRANDTZEN – Tyskland Mail telepathy with the horse Pippi

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Ditte Young
The capital region & Northern Sjaelland

Ditte works as an animal behavior therapist, psychotherapist and clairvoyant as well as guest speaker and educator. She covers the whole country by mail telepathy.

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Nicoline works at a forage and equipment shop (kender ikke den slags butik så det er direkte oversat) for pets, horses and riders.
She has two cats, a dog and a horse. She is very empathic and focused on the harmony between the animal and its owner.

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Educated animal assistant assistant specializing in horses and physiotherapist horse therapist, and balancing horses among other things. with massage and KST, as well as a trained reiki healer.

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Uddannet veterinær sygeplejerske og arbejder til daglig med fysiurgisk behandling og indlæringspsykologi, hos primært hest og hund. Hun kombinerer sin viden med blandt andet telepati og optimering af velfærd.

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Midt- og Sønderjylland

Uddannet fysiurgisk hesteterapeut samt hestetræningskonsulent. Afbalancerer heste med bl.a. Massage og KST. Kombinerer sin viden med telepati.


If you are interested in psycotherapy, clairvoyance or communication with animals, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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